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Circus, Circus!

Let me just say… as a wedding planner this is just about the most unique wedding I’ve ever had the pleasure of coordinating!! I met Amber, the bride, at the community college that we both attended in 2010. I always knew Amber would do something amazing as she was a Denver Nuggets Cheerleader when I met her and very motivated in her journey through college. She now works in an entertaining Vegas show called LE REVE, while her husband Brett is a clown for many different acts!

I guess you could literally say the two met in show biz! During our first meeting with Amber I left feeling such a sense of excitement with a little edginess about how we were going to assist in pulling off a classy, yet circus themed wedding!! Well I’m here to tell you it turned out MARVELOUS! The pops of red, rose gold and black made the elegant circus wedding literally come alive. We got the pleasure of working with some of Brett and Amber’s close friend on décor and they had the most amusing “toys”!

Once dinner was over the real party started. They had backyard games, a sweet table that people surrounded all night and a good friend RJ who had the whole back patio laughing at some of his raw Vegas talent! This was a wedding to remember and was right in the heart of Denver…Cheers to Brett and Amber on their new journey through this crazy thing called life!!

Here is a link to a beautiful video of their big day!

Videographer: Greg at GPS Wedding Films

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