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"A New Year Resolution: Hire an event planner and make it Caitlin Ward at Love Leigh Weddings and Events!

I can’t stress the importance of having an event planner for your wedding, social or corporate event.
And the sooner in the process you hire one, the better your life and the function will be.

As with any vendor, you need to hire the right person/company which is where I always happily endorse
Caitlin. As an event professional with nearly 20 years experience, I have seen all kinds and what is rare about Caitlin is you get the whole package. She is organized, efficient, even-keeled, friendly (to everyone, not just the principles but guests and vendors too!) which all culminates in a flawless, feel good experience. Everyone walks away from an event run by Caitlin and her team, pleased through and through every time!"

  - Garrett Hacking, owner, Photography G, Inc.

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