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Here Comes The...Blog?!

Hello friends... While my website and business have been officially launched since January of 2016, I'm just recently venturing into the wide world of blogging. Boy oh boy, I thought it was as simple as making a post but there's so much that goes into truly "becoming a blogger!" I'm so excited to keep up with everything that's happening in the wide world of events and hope that you will find it fun, inspiring and useful!!

The Love Leigh Weddings and Events blog will take you on a journey of design, planning and the coordination of weddings and events that are taking place all around Colorado. A couple of the topics brewing are, applications that people are using to plan, the growing industry of gay weddings, and the latest trends... ie: colors, themes, décor. I will blog about every event, and walk you through what works, doesn't work and how to recover from mishaps, like a cake dropping or vendor not showing!

Be on the look out for Love Leigh Weddings and events monthly blog posts!

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