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Alex & Justin : Denver Botanical Gardens Wedding

Alex & Justin tied the knot at The Denver Botanical Gardens, and celebrated their love at 900 Washington Street in Denver, Colorado.

This love story is one for the books! I met Alex and Justin separately where we all used to work as they weren't a couple from the beginning. These two are both independent, have big goals for the future and know how to have some serious FUN!

Once they started dating, the rest was history and everyone in their lives, sees the pure love and companionship they both give each other!

They have endured many life changes together including Justin seeking his ideal career path while Alex graduates and chaces after her niche!

To say their day was beautiful and emotional would be an understatement and I'm over the moon that I was able to be a part of it! Watch their short video below to experience the joyous event that took place!

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